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Dear Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers,

Here are some information about the process of getting a medical certificate. I fully understand, that you are all passionate about flying and eager to get or retain your "Medical". We will try our best to make things happen...

How does it work?

  1. Please pay the CAA Medical Certification Application Fee (currently $120 NZD) online via www.caa.govt.nz/onlinepayment - this is the fee CAA requires for their administration work and does not include the actual medical exam, sorry guys!
  2. Print out and fill in your Application for Medical Certificate Form (can also be downloaded via CAA website) This saves time, however, if you have no Internet access we can post that form to you. Answer all questions with care but do not sign it. It needs to be signed and dated in presence of your medical examiner.
  3. Arrange an appointment for your exam with our office staff and allow 1-1.5 hours for this examination.
  4. Please bring with you:
  • your photo ID (drivers license, passport),
  • receipt for fee paid to CAA
  • your pilot license and current or expired medical certificate if applicable,
  • any information about your medical history, diseases, surgery, GP visits, hospital admissions, discharge letters
  • list of medication taken, 
  • main and spare spectacles/glasses, contact lenses - be prepared to remove your contact lenses!
  • any other information or devices relevant to your pilot medical exam 

After your exam we will collect all required information and assess your eligibility for a medical certificate. If you qualify, we will issue your new certificate and post it to you. Usually, this process takes a few days only.

However, if you have medical conditions which could affect aviation safety - a medical certificate can not be issued. Sometimes more special investigation are required. Cost for these additional investigations are not included in the basic medical examination fee and need to be payed by the applicant.

In cases of severe diseases you may not qualify at all for a medical certificate and we will inform you in writing about your options including review/appeal via Convener.